Pre Sales & Purchase Reports in Auckland

On completion of your Dryscan building and Infrared inspection, a comprehensive report is written depending on the type of inspection required.

Depending on the size of the job and type of report required our lead time is usually one to three working days from the date of the site investigation, however we do try to make allowances for urgent jobs.

Your Dryscan building report is strictly confidential and will not be forwarded on to anyone without your consent.

Our reports are designed to inform clients of any areas of elevated moisture, thermal anomalies or any other signs of moisture ingress that may lead to deterioration or failure; it is not a guarantee against failure. Dryscan building reports encompass NZS.4306.2005. and meet the requirements for bank lending


Sample Report

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Sample Report – Scan Only

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Track and Trace Report

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Our team here at DryScan have been expanding their expertise over the years, allowing us to develop one of the most accurate infrared thermal imaging technology in New Zealand, which allows us to inspect buildings for water damage. With our cutting edge technology it is now possible to analysis the infrastructure with more than an expert’s eye for your pre-purchase report. Our infrared cameras enable us to provide in-depth, non-invasive moisture testing and reporting for your potential home or building. As most possible damage or damage already occurring may be difficult for the eye of even a professional to pick up, but as our innovative solution enables not only an expert’s eye but infrared technology to pick up a very highly accurate measure of the building.

We understand the importance of protecting your investment and making the right decision to purchase a property comes when you are able to make an analysed decision. Our pre-sale property report will help you make such decisions to the highest degree, as they come with a comprehensive report. An added benefit from our 30 years’ experience in the building industry, is we are also able to give support and advice on your building decisions. Why make a rash decision and pay for it later when you can make a knowledgeable decision when you choose to utilise our pre-sale property report service.

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DryScan specializes in the folowing areas:

Dryscan Infrared Solutions ®™

  • Pre-purchase and pre-sale inspections
  • Moisture and leak detection
  • Roof inspections
  • Heat loss inspections
  • Leaky home diagnostics
  • Weathertightness reports