Interpretation of Infrared Images

Infrared technology uses the part of the light spectrum the human eye cannot see. All objects emit infrared light/radiation and temperature has a large effect on this. The infrared cameras are sensitive to the slightest variations in infrared light / temperature and therefore have the ability to see what we and normal cameras cannot. The camera converts this infrared radiation electronically into an image that is visible to us. In effect we are seeing the temperature of the image hence the term “infrared thermography”.


(These are NOT the subject property)


This image shows the cameras ability to show internal framework. We can see the colouring (temperature) is consistent and even throughout the wall.

This is considered a normal temperature distribution and would indicate that there are no thermal anomalies present and there is no cause for concern. The red and yellow on the left hand side is sun on the window frame.


This image shows a significant difference and inconsistent distribution in colour / temperatures which would indicate the presence of a thermal anomaly and would require further investigation.

Here the internal wall framing is visible, with warmer areas being highlighted in yellow and colder areas in purple/grey. The colder purple/grey areas in this thermal image show a window leak tracking down inside this wall and would be an area of concern and a recommendation for further investigation would be expressed.

NOTE: The purple/grey colour is not always an indication of moisture as the colour is dependent on the ambient conditions or the colour palette used. Moisture can also be indicated by a lighter shade of colour if hot.


This Photo shows what the eye can sees and clearly shows why thermal imaging is a great tool in carrying out building inspections.

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