Our 6 Point Guarantee

1. Track & Trace

We guarantee that we will find the source of the leak, or YOU DON’T PAY!

2. Quality of Results

Due to cutting edge technology, and comprehensive systems and procedures around inspection and documentation, we guarantee quality results. Our camera is high resolution and high performance, being the most accurate in New Zealand. This means you receive clear and defined information about any issues.

3. Comprehensive Reports

Our reports will include thorough digital documentation including digital photos, thermal images where moisture is detected, non-invasive moisture meter readings, and clear diagnosis of the moisture source. In addition, remedial directives will be noted. Our reports are clear and easy to understand.

4. No Invasive Damage

We guarantee that our detection procedures will not damage your property.

5. Support & Advice

You will benefit from our experience within this field, but also from 30 years in the building industry. We understand legal and practical pathways to the best outcome for your situation.

6. Comprehensive Insurance

DryScan is the only company in New Zealand to have Professional Indemnity Insurance for diagnosing leaking buildings.

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