5 Common causes of household leaks.


Are you concerned that your home may have a leak but unsure about what is causing it?


  • Joinery failure is the most common cause of leaks, regardless of the age of the building. This includes windows, exterior doors, ranch sliders as well as the framing around them
  • By the time you can see evidence of a leak there can already be significant unseen damage to your property
  • Roofing can fail due to materials cracking or deteriorating, and flashings may be inadequate or damaged. Roof maintenance needs to be regularly carried out to ensure water-tightness
  • Cracking on external cladding and on internal walls is often assumed to be building movement, but most likely this is moisture penetration and must be attended too. Interior signs can be flaking paint, any cracks down walls or around windows, mould, and deteriorating window sills
  • Faulty plumbing such as pipes leaking inside walls is a common cause of household leaks especially in the shower/bathroom. Shower boxes in particular have the potential to leak; shower mixers, wall lining junctions, tray failure and insufficient waterproofing between the shower linings/tray and wall/floor are common areas where leaks can occur



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