Be Safe, Be Dry with DryScan – Specialist in Infrared Solutions

DryScan is Auckland’s premier building inspection company for new, old, residential and light commercial properties. Specialists in building leaks and moisture related issues, DryScan’s success has been built off 4 key strengths:

  • Being results focused with clear and simple reporting
  • Using internationally recognised best of breed technology
  • Depth of experience with over 45 years in the industry
  • Provide peace of mind for buyers and sellers.

We’ve found that building leaks or moisture related issues are often passed from owner to owner, either because the house wasn’t checked before purchase or if the report missed a vital issue.

Which is where DryScan comes in, we’ll find the cause and recommends a plan of action. That’s our guarantee.

So what makes DryScan special?

We’ve lived it. Having bought and lived through the horrors of a leaky home, DryScan’s Director Bryce Hall knows too well the true cost which absent or poor reporting can cause.  Bryce has since dedicated his professional life to ensuring this isn’t repeated for other buyers and sellers. And has joined forces as a member of NZIBI, The National Body of Professional Residential Building Inspectors, to ensure this is the case.

For him, this is more than a job.

DryScan guarantee’s you Peace of Mind, and we back this up through our Professional Indemnity Insurance for Diagnosing Leaky Buildings.

All this culminates in a comprehensive building report. Our Results Based reporting approach means we don’t simply leave you with open ended statement either, but we offer all the information and knowledge we can so you’re empowered to make your decision for when or if a problem is found.

We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure the reports are easy to read and follow by adopting one of Europe’s top reporting methods, so you won’t ever be left confused.

Our high resolution thermal imaging infrared technology shows “what the eye cannot see”, and with over 10 years in the inspection business and nearly 40 years in the building industry, DryScan is truly one of the leading and independent building inspection companies in New Zealand.

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Other companies may offer a quick verbal inspection, however DryScan will always put any findings in writing. Yes, Dryscan does include verbal onsite information and we recommend you are present at a Scan-Only inspection.   so you can make your own notes and even take your own photo’s with DryScan’s guidance and support as we carry out our Standard inspection process so you get instant “Result Based” onsite information that is then follow up with a same day cover letter with an Overview of our findings and recommendation.


 You can also ask about our other services

      • Hot water pipe leaks
      • Insulation and heat loss inspections
      • Roof inspections
      • Electrical thermal imaging inspection

Our Offerings:

  • Pre-Purchase Reports. Full and comprehensive written report with all the detail and information you need. [that is Results Based] This report is clear and easy to understand, giving you and your Bank the “Peace of Mind” to buy possibly the Biggest Asset of your life. Encompassing the NZS.4306.2005. Residential Property Inspection standards.


  • Pre-Sale Reports. Also a full and comprehensive written report with all the detail and information, to give you and your Real-estate agent the marketing tools and confidence to sell your property for the best price. Our Results Based approach will identify any remedial issues that may hold up your sale process and also give you a clear plan of action, if needed, before you go to the market.


  • Scan-Only Building Inspection. Ideal for Auction! This is a shorter but thorough inspection culminating in a same-day cover letter with an overview of findings and recommendations. It is recommended you are present during this Scan-Only inspection as you can make your own additional notes, take photos and benefit from DryScan’s guidance and support. You will get instant “result Based” onsite information.  Ideal for when you may not want to spend a lot of money on a full written report but still need the “Peace of Mind” a DryScan Scan-only inspection offers.


  • Track and Trace reports. For those one-off annoying type leaks. This has a totally “Result Based” focus. Leak tracking can be a process and may need more than one visit but you will only be charged once and with DryScan’s “If we don’t find the source you don’t pay” guarantee! A DryScan Track and Trace report will give you clear guidance for remedial work to fix the issue.


  • Weather Tightness ‘Leaky Building’ diagnostics and Maintenance Reports. A full and comprehensive written report detailing any and all issues giving a clear “Results Based” road map to help guide remedial work needed with the best and cost efficient results.

DryScan gives you a range of quality building inspection options that are clear and easy to understand, thorough and comprehensive, giving you the Assurance and Peace of Mind to make the best decision around possibly your biggest asset or your Home.

DryScan specializes in the folowing areas:

Dryscan Infrared Solutions ®™

  • Pre-purchase and pre-sale inspections
  • Moisture and leak detection
  • Roof inspections
  • Heat loss inspections
  • Leaky home diagnostics
  • Weathertightness reports