In each room every wall and ceiling (where possible) including top and bottom plates are checked using both a Dryscan Infrared thermal imaging camera and a non-invasive moisture meter.
Our Dryscan Infrared technicians also carry probe moisture meters that can be employed on request for areas where non-invasive meters are getting increased readings to check the moisture levels of the framework.



An external check is also undertaken looking particularly at areas where common problems occur such as decks, balustrades, penetrations through the external cladding, flashing details and ground clearance.
The outside of the dwelling, walls and roof (where possible) are checked for any visible defects particularly in areas where there are increased moisture levels or other thermal anomalies internally.


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DryScan specializes in the folowing areas:

Dryscan Infrared Solutions ®™

  • Pre-purchase and pre-sale inspections
  • Moisture and leak detection
  • Roof inspections
  • Heat loss inspections
  • Leaky home diagnostics
  • Weathertightness reports