Dryscan specialises in providing non-invasive (no holes) moisture, mold and leak detection reports on homes and buildings using high tech infrared thermal imaging cameras. If you suspect that moisture is entering your home or mold is growing in places you cannot see. Act now, call us today on 0800453382  for a free quote to ensure your home is mold and moisture free.

Our cameras have the ability to see what the human eye can’t, using part of the light spectrum we cannot see. The cameras are able to “see” heat at temperatures lower than 500 degrees and it electronically converts this infrared radiation the heat emits, into a state that is readily visible to us. This allows us to read temperature differences in the walls and ceilings of your home which in turn enables us to identify objects such as the bracing and fixings within your wall and more importantly moisture and leaks that may not necesarily be visible to the naked eye. Dryscan Infrared then uses these images to produce a comprehensive moisture ingress report tailored to suit your needs.

Dryscan poineered this leading edge technology in New Zealand to become the first building inspection company and the first franchised building inspection company to adopt purpose built infrared thermal imaging cameras for use in building inspections. The idea was to pinpoint the exact source of the moisture/leaks to enable an exact targeted area for repair, thus reducing the need for tradesmen to remove vast areas of cladding, pull down entire walls, uplift decks or remove entire windows in their search for the cause.

For many home owners, the process of investigating whether a dwelling has moisture problems (commonly referred to as “leaky building syndrome”) can often be a time consuming, expensive and invasive operation. However, by being able to assess these structures by non-invasive (“no holes”) methods without cutting into walls and floors and potentially causing further structural damage can in most cases save the homeowner hundreds if not thousands of dollars in investigative and remedial work.

Dryscan provides infrared camera technology for:

→ Pre-Purchase Inspections
→ Pre-Sale Reports
→ Moisture ingress and leak detection
→ Track and Trace Reports
→ Roof Inspections
→ Heat Loss Inspections/Energy Efficiency Audits.

→ Leaky Home Diagnostics
→ Preventative Maintenance Inspections
→ Weather tightness Reports
→ Underfloor Heating Inspections
→ Fixing and Bracing Reports

Pre-Purchase Moisture Inspections

Do you want to purchase a Leaky Home? If the answer is NO, then you need a Dryscan Pre-Purchase Inspection.
Only a Dryscan Pre-Purchase Inspection can tell you whether the house you are about to buy has had leaks or suffers from leaky building syndrome. This inspection could save you from making a poor choice with dire consequences costing you thousands of dollars in repair work/re-clads if you buy a leaky home.

Be informed BEFORE you buy, with a Dryscan Infrared Pre-Purchase Property Report.


→ makes your buying decisions much easier and more confident
→ identifies any defects BEFORE you buy, which if left unchecked could prove costly
→ enables you to know exactly what you are getting as poor choice could have dire consequences
→ can identify problems which may have been covered up or not be noticeable to the naked eye
→ confirmation that the property is structurally sound
→ minimise the possibility of any nasty surprises which may be expensive to remedy
→ identify any future ongoing maintenance and repair issues

Pre-Sales Reports

Thinking of selling your biggest asset – your home?
A Dryscan Pre-Sale report can ASSIST you in the successful sale of your home


→ offers extra peace of mind to potential purchasers, knowing your home was inspected by a professional
→ can help speed up the sale process
→ no nasty hidden surprises uncovered by purchasers inspectors during the middle of your negotiations
→ possibility of a higher selling price knowing there are no hidden defects
→ gives you the vendor time to make any repairs before a purchasers inspection uncovers them
→ confidence that you have nothing to hide, leaving the buyer with fewer objections and reasons to negotiate the price down

Moisture Ingress and Leak Detection

Living in a Leaky Home? Suspect your home may be leaking but not sure as to what extent? You need a Dryscan Full Moisture Ingress Inspection. A Dryscan Full Moisture Ingress Inspection is designed for suspected “leaky buildings”, identifying not only areas of elevated moisture, but also tracking this moisture back to its source, pinpointing the exact location or entry point into the building. This type of inspection produces a comprehensive room by room report detailing the homes’ condition, both internally and externally and can potentially save the homeowner from costly invasive investigative and repair work as there is no need for builders to remove vast areas of cladding, pull down entire walls, uplift decks or remove entire windows in their search for the entry point of that hidden enemy “moisture”. In some instances this type of inspection can save the homeowner hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by diagnosing a targeted area for spot repair work instead of a complete re-clad or re-roof which in some cases is unecessary.

Track and Trace Reports

Got a leak but can’t seem to find the cause? Tired of paying contractors to try and fix the problem? You need a Drybuild Track and Trace Report. A Track and Trace Report is designed for those wanting a single leak diagnosed. This type of inspection is designed to trace those hidden leaks you just can’t seem to find, which if left undetected could escalate into costly problems. The moisture is traced back to its entry point into the building and a brief report is issued summarising the findings. Dryscan offers a “no find, no pay” guarantee on this type of inspection – if the thermographer is unable to find your single leak, then the inspection is FREE of charge.

Roof Inspections

Dryscan’s infrared thermal imaging cameras can be used to identify moisture problems resulting from roof leaks and can also identify any wet, defective or missing roof insulation. An infrared inspection will pinpoint the exact location of moisture and its entry points, often eliminating the need for a complete roof replacement and instead diagnosing a targeted area for repair work.

Heat Loss / Energy Efficiency Inspections

Dryscan’s infrared cameras can be used to pinpoint energy related problems caused by poor building design, faulty workmanship or material failure. An infrared image can also detect missing or wet insulation in both walls and ceilings which may be resulting in substantial heat loss and can also identify the presence of any “thermal bridges” or weak points in your insulation which allows heat to escape.

Preventative Maintenance Inspections

Dryscan’s infrared cameras have the ability to detect thermal anomalies or ‘hot spots’ long before any visible signs of damage become apparent to the human eye, enabling repairs to be made before structures and systems fail and rot sets in. This type of inspection gives peace of mind to homeowners by knowing that your home is safe and sound without any moisture amd mould lurking behind your walls, ready to blow out after several years of moisture build up.

Underfloor Heating Inspections

Dryscan’s infrared camera technology can detect breaks and failures in underfloor heating, pinpointing its exact location allowing spot repairs to be made, thereby eliminating the need to uplift all tiles and replace the entire floor.

Bracing & Fixing Reports

Dryscan infrared cameras can detect the location of bracings and fixings – this type of information is sometimes required by Councils with regards to Code Compliance issues.


Track & Trace

For any single leaks; roofs, plumbing, windows, cladding etc.
If we don’t find the source, our service is free!

$300 + gst

Pre-Purchase / Pre-Sale = Scan Only

For a quick overview option. Helpful in an auction situations or where multiple properties are being viewed.
Includes cover letter with general comments regarding findings . There are no digital photos or thermal images.

$450 + gst

Report – Pre-Purchase / Pre-Sale

For peace of mind when buying or selling.
This covers both inside and outside of all external walls, bathrooms roofing, and joinery. Our reports are clear and detailed giving digital photos for every room and individual walls (on a full report), moisture readings, thermal images where issues are found, level of urgency for any required work, with recommended cause of action for repairs. Non invasive unless requested and agreed.

from $650 + gst

Total Floor Area Price + gst Approximate Size Indication Book Now
Up to 120 m2 $650.00 Apartment Book Now
120 – 200 m2 $750.00 3 Bedroom Home Book Now
200 – 250 m2 $900.00 4 Bedroom Home Book Now
250 – 300 m2 $1,100.00 5 Bedroom Home Book Now
300 – 350 m2 $1,300.00 Book Now
350 – + m2 From $1,500.00 negotiable Book Now

Full Reports

For full diagnostic services, to specify and define issues where extensive damage is evident and legal action may result.
A comprehensive report as per pre purchase/sale but with extensive thermal recording of walls, and detailed documentation. Will include some invasive inspection.

$12.50 per sqm + gst

Rechecks $300 + gst per visit
For any rechecks of work completed or report sign off.