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Cameron B, North Shore

I was recently looking to buy a new family home and knew that I needed reliable information about each prospective purchase, over and above the LIM Report from the Council. So I set about comparing Building Inspection Services and their Weather-tightness Reports. What I found was a range of prices with little or no justification for the variance. Even more disturbing was the range of knowledge from the so-called professionals whom, it appeared, often knew less than I did. Essentially I got a lot of poor sales pitches with nothing solid upon which to base my decision. However, that was until I called Drybuild North Shore and spoke to Bryce. Suddenly I found someone who cared about my purchase, had evident knowledge about his trade and was forthcoming about what he did and how. Additionally, Drybuild were priced at the reasonable end of the scale yet offered the apparently more expensive Thermography. My choice was clear and reinforced by the follow up call Bryce made to check if there was anything else I needed. This was in stark contrast to other companies whom never even returned my initial calls. Maybe they were too busy, but that is just poor PR. I was more than satisfied with the final service from Bryce and Drybuild North Shore and the final report saved me from making a huge financial mistake where the property proved to be in need of significant remedial work. My thanks to Bryce, whom I thoroughly recommend and will use again.

Richard, Gulf Harbour

Our house is a two story dwelling with the exterior covered in Harditex cladding. After a few years of living in it we noticed three areas of concern: 1. Some leaks in two downstairs bedrooms 2. A bulge in the exterior cladding underneath an upstairs bay window 3. A moist feeling in an upstairs area when there was substantial rainfall We had various “so called experts” advise us that we had a “leaky home” and the attendant major expense to put it right. Bryce was able, with the aid of his technology, to pinpoint the areas of concern without the need for major invasive inspections around the house. Due to the technology and Bryce’s experience and expertise we were able to assess the extent of the problems (which were far less than had been previously advised) and undertake “targeted repairs”. Bryce reported that the leaks in the downstairs bedrooms were caused by the waterproof membrane failing on the block work, the upstairs bay window had not been fitted properly which had resulted in some rotting timber needing to be replaced, and the moist feeling in the upstairs was due to roof issues. With this information we were able to contract the appropriate tradesmen to undertake the repairs based on Bryce’s report. This was a real cost saving as the tradesmen did not have to assess the issues for themselves and potentially “go down the wrong track”. The real benefit of Bryce’s report was that it allowed us to see where the moisture content inside the walls of the house were too high. This took the “guesswork” out of assessing where problems were and saved money as there was no need to undertake unnecessary work on a “just in case” basis. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bryce Hall and the DryScan system to anyone who has the misfortune to find themselves in a similar situation to mine.

K Anderson

To be told that you are one of the unlucky home owners whose home is a leaky house, with broken cladding and failed aluminium joinery, is a devastating experience. But Bryce from Drybuild managed the unenviable task with the most amazing patience and compassion. His caring did not end with breaking the news. He was an approachable and practical source of advice, always just a phone call or email away during the dark days in which I sold that house and looked for a safe place to live. I found my “dream house”, so I thought. With his camera and meters, Bryce found problems I could never have guessed at and so saved me yet more loss and heartbreak. As last I found my new home and Bryce was there to measure, evaluate and support. When you employ Bryce, you get professionalism, clarity, a huge reservoir of building expertise, solicitude and understanding. I am very grateful for the advice and support over this time and can strongly recommend Bryce and Drybuild to anyone buying or selling a home, or with any moisture concerns.

Llyod & Elaine

Bryce Hall of Drybuild North Shore was recommended to us to undertake a pre-purchase property inspection and we have since used him again and recommended him to friends. We had used a less expensive service but found to our cost that a basic one-hour visual inspection of a property isn’t sufficient and a false economy. Drybuild’s inspections are extremely diligent and comprehensive and extensive use is made of infrared cameras to identify areas of ingress (damp). Bryce’s inspections are professional and thorough yet explained in a way, which leaves no doubt as to the current state of a potential property. Given the recent concerns surrounding Leaky Buildings, having someone who can highlight the technical implications of this issue in a very user-friendly way has put us at ease and allowed us to purchase a house recently with confidence. Bryce’s report and professional manner was superb and he delivered on time. He is approachable and will happily spend additional time making sure that the potential purchaser is clearly aware of all the costs and benefits. He helped us make an informed choice over our current property at a time when so many houses on the surface looked great but hid significant issues. It is worth employing an expert such as Bryce when considering, what for most people, is the most important purchase they will ever make.